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How do I train my pet to use the RadioPet Hidden Fencing system?

Your RadioPet Dealer will provide you and your pet with an introductory training session. You will also receive an easy-to-use guide outlining a proven progressive system that employs visible boundary flags (which are ultimately removed), voice commands and static correction to teach your pet to respect the boundaries of their yard quickly.

For best results, we recommend three-to-five training sessions per day. Training should be fun for your pet with plenty of play and praise. Typically, your pet will learn the boundaries of the new playground and within two weeks is roaming free.

Is the fencing system expandable for use by more than one pet?

Definitely. Any number of pets may be fitted with a RadioPet collar for safe, outdoor playtime with their RadioPet Hidden Fencing system.

Is your pet safety system environmentally friendly?

RadioPet is just as committed to our planet’s health and it is to your pets’ safety. Rechargeable batteries in our receiver collars mean less waste and no expensive battery costs.

How safe is the RadioPet system for my pet?

Perfectly safe. Even when being corrected by a static correction (which happens during initial training), a pet receives only a fraction of energy found in a typical static-electricity shock! This type of static correction has been used in pet training since the ’70s. Our advanced Digital Modulation Signal protects your pet from unintentional corrections caused by external stray radio sources (like garage-door openers, for example) by employing a unique digital coded signal.

I might be moving in the next year or two – will I have to purchase a new system?

No, your RadioPet Hidden Fencing is transferable to a new location and is flexible enough to accommodate a difference in the size of a new property perimeter. A quick training session and your pet will learn their new boundaries!

Which pets are suitable for this hidden-fence system?

With proper training, all pets can be contained. We guarantee it! We do, however, recommend puppy owners wait until they are about three months before training begins.

Is there a maximum property size that can be enclosed?

RadioPet’s hidden-fencing system keeps your pet safely enclosed regardless of property size.

How much does a RadioPet Hidden Pet Fencing system cost?

This is a much more economical fencing option than wood or chain-links -and you never have to remember to shut the gate! With pricing based on square-footage, the number of pets being served and installation options, the bottom line varies for each client. Contact us for a free quotation.

What are the ongoing maintenance costs for the system?

What maintenance costs? With our Ultra Care Warranty and EcoLite system, there’s nothing to pay for! Keep in mind, though, adjustments to the layout of the fencing perimeters once installed will incur a service call for re-location. Fencing placed on the snow in winter months will be buried in the spring at no extra cost.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

RadioPet transmitters feature a battery back-up to protect your pet 24/7 from power failures. They also have an optional lightening protector in the event of a lightening strike or any other electrical power surge.

The underground wire was accidentally cut – what do we do?

All RadioPet transmitters are equipped with a break detector that provides pet owners with both audible and visual alerts if an underground wire is broken. Simply contact us at RadioPet for assistance.

How can I get my own RadioPet Hidden Fencing?

Just give us a call.

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